Easy Eye Shadowing – A Lesson In How to Apply Eye Shadow

A Lesson In How to Apply Eye Shadow

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One major skill that virtually every female needs is how to apply eye shadow. There is an aged quote that states “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” So why not make sure your shutters are as lovely and exceptional as you are? Using eye shadow is a fantastic way to communicate your style and imitate your mood. Feeling simple? Seek a pleasant neutral eye with winged liner. Feeling sultry? A smokey eye is great! In order to properly reveal yourself through using eye shadow, you need to first perfect the standard positions and eye shadow application techniques.


Let’s start with eyeshadow position. To perfect your method, you first should know where to place what where. Explore the diagram below for a fast lesson on the anatomy of the eye relative eye shadow placement.


  1. Place your foundation color around the mobile lid.


  1. Use a slightly shimmery highlighting color in the inner corner to awaken the eyes and make them appear much larger.


  1. Use a darker color in the crease to curve and mould the eye.


  1. Place a thin or thick line of eyeliner here to detail the eyes.


  1. Include a highlighting color here to enhances the shape of your brows and gives dimension to the eye. You can use the comparable color as your inner corner if you prefer.


Now on to the fun stuff! Let’s talk technique! To make an outstanding look you will need five items: primer, eyeshadow, brushes of your choice, mascara and liner.


  1. Prime the whole eye with an eye shadow base to hold and reinforce the eye shadow color. This step is very important as eye shadow tends crease, fade and smear throughout the day as eyelids become greasy. I suggest Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion or NYX eye shadow base.


  1. Using a brush, pat your base color of choice across the mobile lid, stopping just before you reach the crease of the eye. I choose to use a patting motion as it provides a stronger color and assists to prevent fallout especially when using darker colors.


  1. To contour the eye, blend a darker color in the crease of your eye beginning with the outer corner. To locate your crease, place your brush in the location between your eye and brow bone and open your eye. Your brush should sink right into the crease.


  1. To emphasize the eye and accentuate your brows put a neutral shimmery highlighting color on your brow bone. This brings in light and provides your eye and face dimension. I love MAC’s rice paper with it’s gorgeous golden undertones for this.


  1. Put the same color as you used on your brow bone to the inner corners to make your eyes look larger and doe like. This unquestionably unveils the eye and gives fatigued eyes and immediate pick me up!


  1. Depending on your choice, add a thin or thick line with eyeliner to your elevated lid. Make sure to get the line as near the lash line as feasible for to prevent gaps and create a refined appearance.



  1. Include 2-3 coats of your favorite volumizing and lengthening mascara. Start at the bottom of your lashes and wiggle up in a zig zag pattern to increase volume. I’m a mascara lady so I’ve tried my fair share, but by far my favorite has always been L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara. Not even some of the more highly-priced ones can touch this one!


And there you have it! Your basic procedures for http://www.howtoapplyeyeshadowhq.com how to apply eye shadow. Begin here and build your way up, venturing out in to numerous colors to show the world who you truly are!

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Choosing Eye Shadow – The Best For Your Eye Color


Every fashion season the beauty industry is providing all women with the brand new general trends in cosmetics, and at the same time a good number of UK cosmetics websites are providing us with cheap makeup online for all our cosmetic and make-up requires.

We can easily discover any type of product what we are looking for including all the information regarding the item. We’re able pick and get cheap makeup online from the large choice of make-up goods produced by widely known companies.

This is the reason why most women wonder how to select the perfect makeup to their eyes from this big variety. While choosing color of eyes makeup, firstly it’s important to think about color of the skin and also your eyes color.

Follow this advice on the way to choose the perfect eyes shadows for your eyes color.


While deciding on eyes shadow for blue eyes

With regard to Blue eyes the optimal eyes shadows color will be rich blue. If you use a really deep blue color, it is going to create a pretty difference between the shadow color and your own blue eyes.

Such gentle and at the same time simple colors of eyes shadows like taupe, greyish, violet, lilac and purple colors are usually also perfect for blue eyes.

For making an “edgy” look for blue eye include in your chosen eye shadows the colors just like metallic, turquoise color and fuchsia. Probably the most of pastel colors can really enhance a shimmer of blue eyes, however, that is not great for frame for blue eye due to the insufficient contrast plus depth.

Also you can attempt to create a great look with blending 2 or three pastel colors, what’s going become easier with a little bit of practice.

When picking eyes shadow for hazel eyes and green eyes


Ladies having green eyes may use absolutely many different shades of eye shadows beginning with light colours to more darker color.

All of green eyes shadows colors are just simply perfect for green and also hazel eyes. If you’d like to brighten up the eyes you can look at these kinds of colors such as woodland green plus rich khaki.

For your ultra-fashionable and trendy glance, you can go with this kind of pallet of lime – green plus lighter green colors, gold or bright purple colors.

Warm shades of plum, dark brown plus light gold can certainly make you look softer and more girly.


While picking eye shadows for brown eyes

Choosing a shade solution for your eyes depends on your own style and also sense of fashion. Brown is a naturally neutral shade, permitting by itself to blend very well nearly every color variety.

Blue shade plus purples tend to be stunning for brown eyes, but you will be quite stunning in earthy shades for example green or simply brown. Also you can decide on a neutral shade like a copper and even pink.

Although, if you feel like experimenting, you may also blend almost any shade to get a smokey, attractive, and bold look. In case you wish to become more casual, feel free to use a solid shade, but not highlight the folds on the lids.


Although you may not really have the look which you want at your 1st attempt, it’s very helpful to practice until you have a day look and as well, night look that’s right to you.

If used accurately eyes shadow may make the eyes seem bigger, so that they definitely accentuate your face with the most beneficial light.

Please remember, there are actually no correct or incorrect colors. What is really important, that you simply are confident with the shade selections, which means do not afraid to try out.

Hopefully selecting the perfect eye shadow color will be much easier when you are following the tips given above.