Easy Eye Shadowing – How To Contour With Eye Shadows – Recommended Colors And Color Placement

Easy Eye Shadowing – How To Contour With Eye Shadows

How to Contour Your Eyes with Eye Shadows
 pale shadow
To add a definition and shape to your eyes, you can learn to contour during your eye shadow application.  For longest lasting results, use only highly-pigment eye shadow colors.  To contour your eyes, use the following makeup principle:  LIGHTER colors create fullness and highlight an area, while DARKER colors add definition and create depth.

* Suggested basic eye shadow tones to add DEPTH…highly-pigmented colors in warm medium browns, dark browns or deep charcoals.

* Suggested basic shadow tones to add FULLNESS AND HIGHLIGHT…highly-pigmented colors in beiges or pale pink tones

Basic Eye Contouring:  See the example below using highly-pigmented eye shadows in a blend of brown and soft pink.  The soft pink eye shadow has been applied to the lid and directly underneath the eyebrow, while the warm medium brown has been applied in the outer corner and crease of the eye to add definition.
To use these similar shadow tones for a more dramatic basic contoured eye, add more emphasis in the crease and outer corners of the eyes with a darker brown, then highlight the lid and under the eyebrow with the soft pink.  Eye Shadow color placement can be applied as shown below. To see suggested high-pigment color products, please visit the author’s website and website blog.

several eyes to compare

WHY select highly-pigmented eye shadow colors?   Makeup colors that look best for photography and stage are usually highly-pigmented, meaning they contain strong color pigments and are not sheer.  A highly-pigmented makeup color product will allow the user to apply a small amount to achieve a hint of color or it can provide darker, dramatic color when applied more heavily.  This allows flexibility for the user to achieve her preferred look.  Along with being longer-lasting, the strong color pigment in highly-pigmented makeup colors will hold up against the harsh lighting from cameras and stage lights (no washed-out, ghostly makeup looks).